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Your business is off the ground...

so how

do you




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Grow as you go marketing. Landing pages, video promos, social media marketing.

Promotions end in...

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Grow as you go marketing and promotions. 

Landing pages, promotional videos, social media marketing. 


Website landing page

Still running to Staples to hand out flyers at networking events?

Responsive landing page can provide with you with a professional online presence so you can conduct business immediately wherever they are -- on the pc or directly on the phone!

(save $100)


Livestream Video / Podcast / Book

Hands-on instruction to produce your own workshop/training series to grow your target audience or book speaking engagements. 

Finish that book!! Learn how to repurpose audio or video content into an e-book or book you can publish yourself!


On-location coverage 

Full service on-location video (w/ aerial option) captured for you to use within an upcoming media project or highlight reel for a product launch or special event. 

Raw footage provided .mp4 or .mov format


(1/2 day includes setup & teardown) 

It's never too late to learn something new.

$30/for 1hr. session

Computer skills

Whether you're trying to make moves within your current job or considering a new career, getting more comfortable with using a computer could help open new doors!

​​​​​​​Beginners to Advanced Training

  • Microsoft Word to create a new resume
  • Microsoft Excel to create budgets and spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Powerpoint for great presentations or even videos!

>> View courses 

(save $20)

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$79/flat rate

(save $20)

Update your resume

After you brush up on your computer and presentation skills, you'll want to take some time to highlight what sets you apart from the competition that you can now bring to the table!

​​​​​​​Traditional or CV

  • Keep the traditional layout and add new skills
  • Consider a Visual Resume to yourself noticed
  • Create a Curriculum Vitae to highlight your career experience

 >> View sample CV

Entrepreneurs and business owners are busy! Get help with the time-consuming tasks that you need to get done. 


You know you need to get out from behind the computer to generate new business and engage more with your clients ... but when do you find the time?

Allowing a virtual assistant to handle those administrative tasks is like having your own team in your office so you don't have to

burn out flying solo!


(pay as you go)

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Get back to running your business.

Could 1 minute change your whole business?

:60 second promotional videos can instantly 

​​​​​​​boost your professional credibility!